1 Billion

I dunno who this guy is, but he rocks glasses that only a billionaire could.

I never really pay attention to the lottery or gamble, but it’s fun to dream.

Driving home from school today I noticed the lottery billboard shown 999+ million.

I went deep in the rabbit hole and really thought about it, what would I do with a billion dollars?

A lot of things I’d still do.

I’d still train. I’d still live close to home. I’d still read, I’d still blog, and I really think I’d still stay in school. I’d still spend time with the same people.

A few things I wouldn’t do anymore.

I wouldn’t sell mortgages anymore, I wouldn’t pursue real estate in any capacity, I most likely would not work as a lawyer.

Selflessly, I would do a lot. But selfishly, what else would I do?

I’d hire an expert in every field I ever had interest in for weekly workshops. One week with a brazilian jiu jitsu expert,  a week with a scuba instructor, a week with a pilot, one week with a fashion designer, one week with a yoga expert, one week with a rock climber, one week with a writer, one week with a dancer, one week with a chef, one week with a spiritual guru, one week with a surfer….

I would try everything.

Now that I think about it more, many of those things I could do without a billion dollars.

Passion and profit. One provides the ability to pursue the other. When blended it’s a beautiful combination, in the meantime, I will just try everything until I find the perfect mix.

I’m gonna buy a ticket.

Good Intentions

We are quick to judge.

Sometimes people say things that just rub us the wrong way.

Sometimes they don’t even say anything and we just decide to not like them by their body language.

At their core, do they have good intentions? Usually, yes.

In the end that’s all that really matters.

So cut them a break.

(Who are we to judge anyway?)

Windshield Maintenance

On my morning commute to school I noticed a tiny chip in my windshield.

I got just a little bit upset, thinking to myself “Just got a new car and already got something to fix.” After a few moments I shrugged it off and realized its no biggy.

Then the idea of the windshield metaphor hit me.

(Metaphors, sometimes corny, but always fun)

Our car windshield, is our life. The cracks, the trials and tribulations. The dirt, the negative energy we carry with us.

Windshield. We experience life first hand through the windshield. It’s fragile yet durable. Without it, we have no direction.

Cracks. Cracks are mistakes. Cracks can be fixed. They can be sealed. The smaller, the better. They are occasional occurrences we learn from and move on. But if we do not learn from our mistakes, if we do not do maintenance, the structural integrity will be compromised.

Dirt. If you carry too much negative energy it will block your vision. Your judgement will be affected because your point of view is limited. You will start the make the wrong turns. You will eventually crash unless you maintain the dirt.

A bit woo woo I know. But it’s fun to be woo woo every now and then.

Practice self care and keep ya windshield clean.


One Year Anniversary

WordPress just emailed me.

Today is apparently my blogs birthday.

Happy 1st birthday RunNGunn.

When I started, I thought I would have 365 entries by now.

Half way through, I thought I was over it.

Now, I’m happy I stuck with it as much as I did.

The process:

  • An idea (self created, reading, podcast, advice, quote etc)
  • Analyzing
  • Expanding
  • Going Public

That simple process has created so much value for myself.

Value that I really cannot exactly explain or measure.

But I know I want more.

Here’s to many more.


Collective Action

“A collective action problem is a situation in which all individuals would be better off cooperating but fail to do so because of conflicting interests between individuals that discourage joint action. The collective action problem has been addressed in political philosophy for centuries, but was most clearly established in 1965 in Mancur Olson’s The Logic of Collective Action. The collective action problem can be observed today in many areas of study, and is particularly relevant to economic concepts such as game theory and the free-rider problem that results from the provision of public goods. Additionally, the collective problem can be applied to numerous public policy concerns that countries across the world currently face.”

I read of this idea today, and although I do not know much about “game theory”, I realized it is a very similar phenomena that occurs in everyday life.

When you are at the gym and someone is clearly misusing the equipment but you do not wanna be “that guy” who gives instruction.

When we are in a movie theater and everyone is being quiet except for one particular person, and we all wait for somebody to tell that person to politely shut up…. and no one ever does.

When in high school, the helpless nerdy kid gets picked up day after day. Everyone’s afraid to say something individually, and just waiting for someone else to take the stand.

When standing in line at Wawa, and someone cuts in. Everyone knows it’s wrong but no one really cares enough to make a scene.

If not directly related, the above at the least falls under the umbrella as an everyday “real life” example.

I guess the first step is to acknowledge these occurrences.

When enough people acknowledge something that’s wrong, that is when change begins.

Making Effort To Be Positive

Walked into the restroom the same time as a classmate today.

We both immediately complained about class and ensued in a negative conversation.

Honestly, I felt pretty happy today. Class wasn’t that rough.

So why?

Because It’s easy. A quick topic we can both relate on.

But why is it easier to be negative?

I wish I knew, but it is. It’s just in our character in today’s world. Maybe its in our DNA. (but that sounds like more of an excuse)

But like all good things worth doing, it takes effort.

Make an effort to be positive.

(When i first decided to expand upon this I thought I’d be able to tie it together with being positive in all facets of day to day life. I don’t have it tonight. Onward)



The Three Gatekeepers

How often do we say to ourselves, “Wow I really wish I haven’t said that”.

I have said it to myself more times than I like to admit.

We justify it. Move on. But eventually we do it again.

Sometimes we may have thought it would be funny.

Or, we just wanted that one second of gratification of telling someone off.

Maybe we have information that is just so juicy we feel the need to share it.

But whatever it is, before it is said, really consider this Arabian proverb…

“The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers.”

“Is it true?”

“Is it kind?”

“Is it necessary?”

Does it check off all three? Then go for it.

Does it not? Then maybe its better off unsaid.

*My friend recently released his first book and included this proverb. I’m glad he shared the idea and I have been attempting to implement into my life ever since I have read it.*