Recognizing Effort

Recognize effort.

Pay attention to friends who go out of there way to reach out.

Pay attention to the family member who asks you how you are every time you see them.

Pay attention to the girl at the coffee shop who always smiles at you.

It can become easy to expect these efforts over time.

Without recognizing and appreciating them, they may fad.

Find Your Genie

Find your genie.

Your genie provides you good fortune.

but you cant just ask for it, you must practice and pray.

Practice the ways of your genie. Pay homage to your genie.

(Find a role model. You do not need to know your role model personally. Just know his formula. His philosophy. Practice what you preach (Or the role models). Follow the routine. Put in the effort. Then reap the rewards. Asking for hand outs gets you nowhere.)


New Shoes

Every time I buy a new pair of shoes they sit for days before I wear them.

I’m afraid.

They are a new brand. They have crazy colors. Only famous people wear them. Who do I think I am owning them? They only work on certain people. They look dumb. They aren’t cool.

What will people think of them and more importantly… me wearing them?

You bought the shoes for you, so wear the shoes.

What “shoes” of life are you waiting to wear?


Sink Then Swim

“If I always did what I was qualified to do, I’d be pushing a broom somewhere” – Naval Ravikant

My mom’s favorite saying is, “Sometimes its easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission”.

There is already plenty of people out there already doing what you want to do, and many times with a lot less qualification than you think.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of something. “Well if I thought of it I’m sure a million others have as well”. Yea… but did they execute?

(All of which is very different than “fake it till you make it”.  That can land you in some trouble. People love calling out bullshit, so don’t bullshit.)

Just get started.

Screw up. Sink. Sink then swim.

Being Your Own Best friend

A large portion of life’s journey is done alone.


Sometimes you gotta not only pilot the ship but play the role of co-pilot as well.

When you are alone you can truly be yourself, be in your own mind and thoughts. You can develop. Development in ways that could not be done with exposure from others. No outside influence to interfere.

Take advantage of your alone time.

Don’t be afraid to go to the movies alone, sometimes your the only one who wants to see Dragon Quest 17 but that’s okay because you are your own best friend.

You only have control over one person’s happiness, your own.