Flexible Opinions

Be a flip flopper.

Maybe in politics being a flip-flopper can be a bad thing, but in everyday life you SHOULD be a flip-flopper.


Two forms of education can come from the following. New discoveries and the opposition.

New discoveries: Be open to new ideas, absorb them and try to incorporate them. Old school methods clash with new age methods all the time in various fields. Diets are constantly evolving and contrary to previous ideologies. There is a reason for this, we are learning more. New data and ways of thought are being discovered every day, every second. Don’t ignore new information just because you like having a safety net of fake fact.

The opposition: You should be open to new ideas. Everyone likes to stay consistent, its comfortable. I get it. But never let that detour you from entertaining opposing views. Learning comes from new perspectives.

Even in politics I support flip flopping. New information and data comes to life everyday. If your thoughts and opinions do not change overtime due to this information your not growing. So when a politician is labeled a flip-flopper for changing his or her view on a particular policy, I see it as a good thing not bad.




What’s Your Title?

When you introduce yourself to others…what do you say?

Do you say it excitedly with a smile? Or do you kinda mumble and say “Oh I just BLANK”.

What do you want to say?

Whatever it is, make sure you are on the path to creating that title you wish to have.

It’s okay to have a healthy amount of ego, wanting more for yourself.



Low Maintenance

Low maintenance lasts longer.

Like a rolling a boulder.

Getting it moving is the hard part. That’s what takes the most effort.

But eventually, it gets to a point where it just needs an occasional push in the right direction.

Now imagine pushing the boulder up a hill. That would be high maintenance. It requires constant attention. Not only is the beginning difficult but the entirety.

High maintenance doesn’t last long. It burns out.

So create a low maintenance business, one that runs itself.

Be a low maintenance friend, son/daughter and boyfriend/girlfriend.


Accepting Expiration

History shows us everything has an expiration.

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing.

From materialistic items to fortune 500 companies.

You name it. May it be a pair of shoes, cellphone, motorcycle, home, friendship, business, idea, your job, country or even your pet goldfish.

There is power in this acknowledgment.

Accepting the expiration.

Letting go.

This power will allow you to truly enjoy what you have MORE. Enjoying the moment. The value. Savoring every second.

Bringing your gratitude practice to the next level.




Believe It Till Ya Be It

The better version of Fake it till ya make it is to Believe it till ya be it. 

Inexperienced people often resort to faking it. Believing that in order to become a top performer they must act like a top performer. Assuming that being under-qualified assures failure.

During my time of career confusion I applied to become a Financial Advisor. I shadowed people in the field, read the books, watched the movies… I was hooked. At the interview I spoke like the best of em. Fiduciary this, speculation that, variables, markets etc…

I was clueless. The interviewer could tell.

People hate fake… and they should. You will get called out and it will hurt.

So rather than faking it just believe it. Rather than pretending you are the best, believe you will be.

Everyone has been under-qualified while in their career at some point in time.

Naval Ravikant is the co-owner of AngelList and an early investor in Twitter, Uber and other hugely successful start-ups. He often says “If I always did what I was qualified to do I’d probably be pushing a broom”.

Harsh, but a good point. Very few people are experts from the get-go.

So don’t be afraid to be “under-qualified“.

Remember that a healthy amount of “ego” is a good thing.

Ego provides opportunity. Whoever first decided to become “The Boss” or CEO must have had quite a “ego” to step up.



Effort results in experience and experience builds skill.

Its healthy to believe you will be the best.


Effort provides experience and experience builds skill.


Don’t be fake. Make an effort. Have a healthy ego.

Billionaires Are People Too

Maybe they eventually buy their favorite football team…

Maybe they only fly private…..

Maybe they have a personal chef ….

BUT just like us…. they are just people.

They still get pissed off when they are stuck in traffic. They look forward to the next season of Game Of Thrones (I hope). They yell shit when they stub their toe on the coffee table. They also hate commercials.

They get happy. They get sad. They die one day just like us.

So although day-dreaming of driving a Yellow Lambo down the strip is fun… they still have to get gas when their tank says E.

Then again, I never met one. Maybe they all have Batman caves and race rocket ships in space.



Vicious Cycles

I titled this post on 02/27. Nearly a month ago.

I worry about quality to the point where I over analyze every word so hard that nothing gets produced.

“Ill do it tonight” leads to “I’ll do it tomorrow” Which leads to a month later.

That’s a vicious cycle.

How cool would it be if I stopped that cycle and wrote whatever came to mind every day. I could look back upon my thoughts years from now and say to myself “I was into this at X years old”.

(This is for myself ultimately anyway. I think you need 2 forms of writing. Personal and public. Public writing creates new thoughts that private does not. I think. )

Only way that will happen is if I stop that perfection-seeking excuse and just end that vicious cycle.

The cycle of repeating the same patterns. Expecting new results. But ending up with the same over and over again.

There are many vicious cycles.

Pushing off work that should have been done last week. Cleaning your desk as the pile builds and builds. Deleting your old emails as your mail app says 26,000 unread.  Hitting on the same girl over and over again hoping something clicks. Starting that new diet next Monday. Putting off that awkward phone call you don’t wanna have. Reading that book as it sits there unopened. Going to the same bar expecting a better time than before.

Think how much would improve if you just change the pattern and avoided the cycle all together.

No change no growth.