The Power of Systems

An incredibly powerful tool to aid you on your journey of progress; getting in a routine, running a new program, or following a system. You really start to appreciate incremental progress when you start measuring your progress through theses systems. You can create a system for almost everything you wish to get better at. By […]

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10 IAD Making Friends

Here are ten ways to be a better friend or become better at making friends. This is way easier for some than others, I’m absolutely not trying to say I’m an expert at all, just discussing things I noticed that helped me personally become a better friend or meet new friends myself. In attempt to […]

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Perspective Problem Solving

Stuck? Have a problem? Just can’t figure it out? Try looking at your issue from a completely different angle because sometimes the answer is right in front of you but you just cannot see it. Sometimes all it takes is for you to take a step back and look at your problem from a new […]

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Habits Worth Keeping

I attempt to create new habits all the time. I put them into practice and see what sticks. If you can force yourself to do this for say 30 days, it usually sticks. If you can’t and it just doesn’t feel worth it, no biggy! Move on and start more. Habits I tried and failed. […]

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New Cool Things 12/4/18

Here are some of the latest things I’ve watched, read, researched etc; that I thought were particularly interesting, valuable, and cool. How’s that for a sentence? I’m not going to detail much, I posted them because they are worth deep diving yourself! Best tasting protein bar with high fat low carb. Coolest book I’ve […]

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