On & Off

Sometimes we don’t always feel right. There is no particular reason but everything just feels ehhh. It’s not a particularly sad feeling, just more so… off. Off brand, out of whack, not our normal selves. During these phases it’s important to remind ourselves just what exactly it is, a phase. For this period is just […]

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Too Many Eggs…

…Can spoil an omelet. Sometimes we do too much. We pick up too many projects resulting in 5 half finished ideas. We plan a trip one place but end up getting distracted by another and end up not going at all. We plan dinner reservations for a small group of friends, a friend invites a […]

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Get the Grease

The squeaky wheel gets the grease Sometimes the hardest part is the ask. The ask for the business. The ask for the date. The ask for the opportunity. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, it’s anxiety ridden…. It’s all of those things wrapped up in one. It all derives from the fear of denial, the fear of […]

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On The Take or Get Took

Sometimes to avoid getting took you gotta be on the take. This is not to say you must take advantage of people to avoid being taken advantage of. What it is, is a realization that when you are worried about yourself and moving towards your goals you are on the take. When you are worried […]

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Worth the Wait

In many ways, we live in a world of instant gratification. At our fingertips we can order infinite products from coffee, clothes, cars…. and everything in between. This ability to order all our wants and desires instantaneously begins to creep into other aspects of life. But many aspects of life are not instantaneous. Things worth […]

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Greener Grass Syndrome

“What if I pursued that rather than this?” A question we often ask ourselves. The other thing might look better! It’s different, it’s new, it’s greener… the grass is always greener on the other side. But then you get there and realize it too has patches, gets dark, and has dirt underneath. Opportunities and alternatives […]

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Ideas and Action

I realized that I went through many phases of ideas and action, but more often than not… not at the same time. Sometimes I would have an idea, make business cards or a logo… then have no action. Sometimes I would make action, spend a lot of energy, and make moves that really don’t go […]

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Style Over Hype

Hype is just the flavor of the week, it’s temporary. The thing about hype is it’s really attractive, at first, and it’s not always easy to recognize…but it’s just a fad. Style is forever. It’s timeless. Remember that next time you make a decision.

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No Right Way

I often get worried or upset that I am not spending my time correctly but then I remind myself… there is no right way. It’s one of the more freeing realizations.

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