Greener Grass Syndrome

“What if I pursued that rather than this?” A question we often ask ourselves. The other thing might look better! It’s different, it’s new, it’s greener… the grass is always greener on the other side. But then you get there and realize it too has patches, gets dark, and has dirt underneath. Opportunities and alternatives […]

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Ideas and Action

I realized that I went through many phases of ideas and action, but more often than not… not at the same time. Sometimes I would have an idea, make business cards or a logo… then have no action. Sometimes I would make action, spend a lot of energy, and make moves that really don’t go […]

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Style Over Hype

Hype is just the flavor of the week, it’s temporary. The thing about hype is it’s really attractive, at first, and it’s not always easy to recognize…but it’s just a fad. Style is forever. It’s timeless. Remember that next time you make a decision.

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No Right Way

I often get worried or upset that I am not spending my time correctly but then I remind myself… there is no right way. It’s one of the more freeing realizations.

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Contagious Energy

Some people have contagious energy. Contagious energy is powerful. When they are happy and laughing, you are happy and laughing. When they are mad or upset, you are mad or upset. They move crowds with their emotions. If you are one of those people that possess that contagious energy, take note of it next time […]

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Movement Isn’t Always Forward

Sometimes making moves is nothing more than just movement. Forward movement is the particular kind of movement we are looking for. It calls for checking up on ourselves and being real. Asking ourselves hard questions, “Am I actually progressing?” “Am I doing this because its easy?” “Am i pretending like this is the move?” For […]

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Your Own Win

You have a general idea of your goals. To a certain extent, you know your route to get there. But sometimes we get tripped up on the path. Often we trip up ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. “Well this person has that car, has that job, that girlfriend, that house, etc” We need to remind […]

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Value From Fear

Sometimes value isn’t recognized until it appears scarce or desired. We don’t ever think about owning a jet-ski but then one day our neighbor pulls in with a loaded trailer & all of a sudden We don’t look at that person as attractive until someone else takes interest. The value is derived from the fear […]

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