How To Learn

*Disclaimer: I’m an idiot*

Learning became easier for me once I figured out how I learn best. I didn’t realize how I learned until I became relatively good at one particular thing.

*What does that mean!?*

Once I became good at a particular skill and then attempted a new skill, I used the learning tools from the first skill to the new skill.

This allowed me to learn how to learn better.

I learn best when I put everything in an outline. The main category is the skill. The sub-categories are more particular aspects of the skill. The sub-sub-categories are the details… and even more fine specifics are under that.

Think of it as a tree. A knowledge tree. The tree is the skill. The big branches are the categories, the sticks are sub-categories, and the twigs the details.

Everything becomes easier when you realize what branch it belongs on…. for me.


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