Self Created Productivity

We tend to create tasks to make ourselves feel fulfilled. We tell ourselves we are being productive because we crossed off our to-do list. It’s a healthy habit. It allows us to task out projects and progress. But sometimes it’s not that serious, the tasks are relatively meaningless. So next time you beat yourself up […]

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Yes, No, and In-the-Middle

Somethings are an obvious yes. We know immediately its a good move, idea, or opportunity. Somethings are a firm no. I’ts not worth it. The risk isn’t worth the reward. But a lot of life, is in the middle. There is no obvious Yes or No. In the middle is the best place to be. […]

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Sharing Success

Victories are so much more rewarding when they are shared. Sharing the process and all experiences leading up to something. That’s why good friends, family, business partners, or significant others can be sooo impactful. It helps you to want more to share more together. It makes it more fun. The ups, downs, and everything in […]

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Calming Thought

I often get worried I’m wasting. Wasting time. Effort. Opportunities. Energy. Ideas. Money. Everything. And in many ways, maybe I am…. But the thing is, there is no right way. There is no protocol. There is no true right or wrong.  We’re all just trying. Find calm in this.

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Contagious Vibes

The energy you put off is contagious. This works both ways. If you spend time with happy people, their joy will rub off on you. If you are miserable, the person you are with will become miserable in return. You know that one person who you love spending time with? It’s most likely because when […]

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Intentional Coincidences

My friend and I always say to each other, “There’s no such thing as coincidences.” There are no facts to behind this claim, it’s just a fun personal belief that proved to be beneficial. You know those moments when you have an idea or conversation and next thing you know you see it on TV? […]

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Pre Existing Switches

Sometimes we already have the switch inside of us. The beginnings of an idea, thought, or project. The only thing missing is the spark. The conversation, movie, interview, podcast, or experience that flips the switch. This switch is already in us, somewhere. It just needed the right stimulus to turn on. Be sure to expose yourself […]

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Allowing Ideas To Spread

New thoughts and ideas need to go public to spread. Going public is sometimes the hardest part. Maybe not hard in the form of work, but hard in the form of  letting go. Letting go of the worry of opinion and embarrassment. Ideas cannot spread if you don’t them go.

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How We Measure

Take note of how you measure your self-worth. Maybe you are upset with your results, but ask yourself, are you using the right metrics? If you are not improving in one aspect maybe work on another weakness. If you are constantly falling short, maybe you need to loosen your metrics. Progression is contagious. It’s great […]

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