Total Refresh

Overtime, accumulation builds and builds… and eventually we hit capacity.

This is a crucial point. It’s where we either raise the ceiling or lower the floor.

But we don’t lower floors, do we?

Here’s a 15 minute brain dump. Questions for myself and maybe you.

Fake Momentum .

Sometimes we are so involved in forward momentum we don’t realize that we are simply moving and not necessarily moving forward. Avoiding wasted energy is crucial. Creating projects with no clear set goal is simply a waste of money and time. Efforts are not wasted, simply need to be properly directed at times. Be careful to not put oneself in a cycle of fake momentum, be sure its forward.


Why do we do what we do what we do? Are we doing it for us? Or, are we doing it for others? The perception trap, it’s real. Sometimes maybe it can be for both, but we sure to be able to differentiate the two and focus on the one that matters most.


Our current pursuits, are they still worthy? Is anything taking away from better opportunity?


Are our thoughts and ideas and pursuits and everything…. too grand? Are they not grand enough?

Check Yo self

Are we repping our brand? Are we providing the services we think we are? Are we slacking?

Outside World

Are we being kind to the outside world? Are we holding doors, smiling, complementing, being someone we would like to spend time around?

Doing More.

What can we do next?

+ A million more I am too tired to recoglect.


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