Pushing Through

Throughout life we are presented mundane moments of decision making where we already a have gut instinct answer for.

These events occur like so.

You eat a big lunch, lots of carbs, maybe some french fries and you exhausted. You really want that mid-day nap. 15 minutes turns into an hour and you decide hey maybe ill finish that project tomorrow.

You wake up, you planned on going to the gym at 7 am but 30 minutes of rest sound way better. You tell yourself youll go after work, but then after work you have house chores to do.

You forgot you had a work party tonight. You decide to skip out because you don’t have the right mindset to socialize today. You find out everyone that showed up got a promotion.

Your friends plan a trip to go the mountains for a few days in the fall. You tell yourself you don’t have time to make plans or simply don’t have the energy to get involved. Fall comes around and they post pictures of them having a blast. You missed out.

Sometimes, we really got to remind ourselves to push through.


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