*When I say we, I might just really mean I/me*

**Each post is a thought I wished to explore at a certain time, nothing more.**

We as modern day humans, are internally geared to be constantly forward thinking.

This happens early in our lives. The education system is the most obvious. We start at Kindergarten, 1st grade, second, so on and so forth until one day we hit college.

But while we are on each one of these steps on the ladder, it’s all about setting ourselves up for the next step. Getting good grades in middle school, so we do well in high school, so we get a scholarship at this college, so we can land this job with that company.

This makes us so focused on the future…

We say to ourselves, and maybe even to others out loud…

“Once I get here… then I’ll get to this level… then on this day… this will occur… and I will be “this” successful… or that… and then one day…. I’ll be good.

Being so future focused puts one in a constant state of uneasyness, unfulfillment, incompleteness.

These future focused subjects that we set ourselves on can come in the form of personal such as finding the perfect partner and growing a family, or business related, such as landing the perfect job in the perfect city with the perfect coworkers.

We can be so focused on the future that one day the future will happen and we realize that it wasn’t all it was worked up to be when we first set these “goals” and standards.

And then one day we die. And we hope we made an impact on the future. This future thinking never seems to really leave.

This is a problem.

We must realize something…

We set these expectations on ourselves. There is no rule book. There is no right way to do it.

It seems many successful people get to a certain threshold of “success”, but in actuality many of them are not happy people because they never enjoyed the rest of life that wasn’t specified on their self-proclaimed road map to success. Happiness the most important success metric.

Then on the other end, some people have the ability to truly live in the moment, without a care of the future, they are also successful in a different way. Maybe they don’t have a hefty savings account or impressive accolades, but they always seem to be calm regardless of their finances. These people might be happy.

Then there are the unicorns. The most “successful” people are the ones who can think about the future while also being present in the moment… these people find passion in the process. These people are happy.

The ones who truly figured it out are the ones who realize earliest on in their life, that none of it matters, which helps you realize, that it all matters, every moment, so enjoy every part of the process.

*this thought is just another variation of being present. Being present seems to be of the upmost importance*


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