Things don’t happen until you set the date.

Plans – I made dinner plans with a buddy the other day. As we said bye to one another he said lets grab dinner soon. One of those statements that usually end up resulting in never getting dinner together. But this time we did grab dinner because I “set the date”. I said awesome you free Friday? He was. Setting the date for plans is the only way to actually “do things”. Want to hit the beach with friends this summer? Pick a date and get rolling. Nothing happens until someone decides to set the date.

Goals – Say you wanna lose 5 pounds. I’ve told myself that probably a hundred times this year. but lets say you really wanna do it. Rather than saying yea imma lose 5 pounds, say imma lose 5 pounds in 2 months. Set a date. Setting a date puts yourself in a position to strive and avoid failure.

Simply put, setting the date makes things happen.



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