Funk out the Funk

Funk happens.

Sometimes its work. Sometimes its relationships. Sometimes there’s no particular reason at all and you just aren’t yourself… you’re in a funk.

Usually it’s the collective of many things. Your friend John said something that bothered you, a big deal at work falls apart, you

How you handle them is what really matters.

It’s easy to allow one little miss-step cause a snowball effect. Not only halting progress, but at times, digression. Cheating on your diet is the first example that comes to mind. One oreo becomes two, two becomes an entire row. At that point that funk became really funky

Its just a state of being… so don’t fret its just a state. Keep it brief.

As the saying goes…

Motivation doesn’t last and neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.

I get funks. 5 minute funks. 5 day funks. My rule is to keep it at 15 minutes. Feel sorry for yourself and beat your self up for 15 minutes. But not a second more. Its over. its usually never that serious. What is most likely consuming your thoughts is just a blip on radar.

Sometimes talking friends out of their own funks helps fix yourself in the process.

Remember, its just a blip.


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