“Gun, Why Do You Blog?”

The person you become is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. 

Your lifestyle is an accumulation of your habits and routines. 

I have a mental image of the type of person I wish to be when I turn 60. An ideal version of myself.

How did that person become who he is? How did they get there?

If you do not know who you wish to become, a good place to start is by pulling the habits/routines from the ones you look up to or aspire to be like. 

I admire many different types of people. Different people can inspire you in different ways.

Picking up a habit here and there from people with different backgrounds and themes is how I will become my own unique ideal self. * I Hope * (Wordy sentence, I know)

Why do I write this blog every day? Because Seth Godin blogs everyday.

Why do I wake up at 5 am to workout? Because Jocko Willink does everyday.

Why do I read the daily stoic? Because Ryan Holiday practices Stoicism.

Why do I [attempt] to meditate? Because Mike Posner meditates and he has a sense of calm that I wish to obtain.

Why do I train BJJ? Because Joe Rogan trains BJJ.

Why am I in law school? Because I noticed a strikingly high % of guests on podcasts who I really liked also went to law school.

Why do I have a podcast? Because James Altucher has a podcast.

Why do I have daily affirmations taped on the wall? Because Tim Ferriss does.

Why do I squat, bench, and deadlift? Because Omar Isuf does and because I have to deadlift 600lbs.

Why do I read books? Because everyone listed above reads books.

You may notice many of the above people share the same habits. This shows you that they are the type of people who pull their inspiration from similar sources.

Accountability can be the hardest part.

What makes it easier?

Switching your mindset to looking forward to doing these routines.

Also, having friends with similar goals. I have friends who wake up with me at 5 am to workout. I have friends who read the same books, listen to the same podcasts, have the same goals.

That’s why finding the right girlfriend/wife/life-partner is incredibly important.

Shared journeys are always more fun.

Think of the person you wish to become, are you on the right path? 

*I used the Kayne pic because I love his music, mentality, and he is a prime example of pulling his example from the greats, hence why he compares himself to steve jobs etc.*


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