Avoiding Autopilot

It’s very easy to drift into autopilot throughout the day.

Putting on blinders and just focusing on what’s up next on your daily routine.

I notice sometimes being on autopilot when I’m sitting in traffic, walking into starbucks grabbing my coffee, on the phone, lifting, sitting in class, watching TV, reading, etc etc.

Basically all the time right?

Being set on autopilot yields mediocre results.

You half read and don’t really grasp the material. You look down and don’t make eye contact with the people in Starbucks. You ignore the billboards and architecture on the road. You half listen to your professor. You may come off as a jerk in a conversation because you aren’t fully engaged.

Recognize when you are on autopilot.

Sometimes, maybe in traffic it’s okay.

….But when you are speaking to someone or trying to learn a new subject, be sure to hop back in the driver’s seat. 


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