Low Maintenance Relationships

Relationships that work best are the ones that require the less amount of effort.

Effort is work.

Work isn’t fun.

When it’s easy it feels right.

Like that relationship you have with that one friend who you talk to about once a month. You don’t text daily or anything, but you get on the phone together catch up for 45 minutes like you never missed a beat.

The relationship you had with that one boss that trusted you. They gave you a bit more freedom than you probably should have had but you stayed in your lane. You learned from them and respected them in return.

The one girl you met and things just felt like they meshed easily. Conversation flew easily. Nothing was forced. It just felt right.

Not the friend that requires work. Not the boss that hovers. Not the girl that requires constant attention.

HIgh maintenance doesn’t last.

Seek and maintain the low maintenance relationships.


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