Blank Canvas

Every day is a renewable blank canvas.

A new opportunity to change your mode of thinking.

A new mode of thinking allows you to look at the things outside of your control and adjust how you look these conditions and ultimately how it affects you.

It’s easy to fall victim to the external. Allow it to build up and accumulate like a dark spill creeping to the edge of all four corners of your daily canvas.

This happens when you put your keys in the ignition on a cold morning as you are about to head to work and the car battery is dead. Yeah, it sucks, but is it really the end of the world? No. But your mood says otherwise, it’s only the morning and you allowed one thing to ruin the entire day.

But what if you just simply changed your mode of thinking, and thought to yourself, “Thank god I have friends or family who can take me to work.”

Changing your mode of thinking will change your life.


*didn’t proof read. Might be a bit too woe woe for some. But i like woe woe*




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