Blinders In The Beginning

You need blinders in the beginning.

Blinders to the internal.

The internal voice can be your best friend or worst enemy. Negative self talk can be killer. Don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of it. We can be our own worst enemies far too often.

Blinders to the external.

In this period you are most vulnerable. External voices can easily discourage you. “It’s been done” “It’s not worth it” “it’s too hard”. Sometimes it’s true feedback but often it’s best to find out for yourself.

Blinders allowing ignorance.

Sometimes it’s best to ignore common knowledge. Why? Lets say you enter the field of Chemistry. Something I know nothing about. But let’s say its common knowledge that these two particular compounds do not work together. But you, like I, do not know that, and you accidentally figure out how to make it work. Your ignorance allowed innovation.

Blinders to the competitors.

Ignore what the other companies are doing. You are not that company. You are on your own path with your own ideas. Who cares if they are ahead or behind. Ignoring them allows you to stay on path and target organically without the wrong kind of outside influence.

Blinders in the beginning.

The beginning is hard. It’s awkward. It’s very easy to give up. Wear blinders and trudge forward.



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