Stalling At The Start

So you got an idea.


Now what?

Honestly, I don’t really know, but here are three things I’m utilizing currently. *and have used successfully in the past*


Find a mentor, someone who is currently doing what you want to do. They don’t even have to be someone you know. You’d be surprised on how willing some people are to help after you endure 5 or 6 hangups. An idea worth pursuing is worth the awkward conversation with a stranger.

Idea Sex.

So you have this idea, but lack the components. This is where idea sex comes in. Few products today are completely unique. They are an improvement or variation of something current. Skates were just shoes until they put wheels on them.


Figure out your system. How do you get from 0 to 1? You create a system. Maybe you need to reverse engineer to figure out the steps. Find a product/service/person you are attempting to replicate and research. Research how they made their strides. Outline the steps and fill in the gaps with your own ideas.

Utilize these three things before you stall out on the starting line. 




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