Attacking 2019

I took off the remainder of December to focus on my first semester of law school finals and enjoy the holidays. Today I spent some time to get back on track. My life track. Here are the habits I will take into 2019 and hopefully, the rest of my life.

Habits create routines. Routines create character. Character create you.


  • Simplify initial application
  • Stay on top of workload (Do not let conditions stack up)
  • Increase response time
  • Improve customer experience


  • Brief and read cases in entirety
  • Do not delay assignments
  • Update outlines periodically

Daily (Monday-Friday)

  • 5 am wake up
  • 30 minutes of reading (set timer, don’t stop)
  • Workout
  • Movement cooldown/warmup
  • Daily blog and daily journal
  • 1 Podcast
  • Meditate (App of any choice)


  • 1 bjj gi class ( Monday 6pm or Saturday 12pm)
  • 1 bjj no gi ( wednesday 6pm or open mat sunday)
  • 3 squat days (heavy medium light)
  • 2 deadlift days (heavy medium)
  • 3 bench days (heavy medium light)
  • Record 1 podcast


  • Be present
  • It’s not that serious
  • Be the man you wish to be
  • Stay cool especially during the blips
  • Be the person who enjoy being around


  • Alcohol
  • Wasting time
  • Regret
  • Diet sodas
  • Snacking


  • Do better
  • Be kinder
  • Enjoy everything

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