The Impracticality of Pleasing Everyone

Growing up I would get very upset when someone didn’t like me.

Why? I just couldn’t understand.

I would go out of my way and try extra hard in attempt to change it. I thought I had to have everyone like me. I thought that something must have been wrong with my personality and that I just had to fix it some way somehow.

It was maddening.

One of the greatest lessons from my mom was, “not everyone’s going to like you and that’s okay”.  Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding, lack of information, a quick judgment etc.

You simply can’t win them all.

Once I accepted that growing up became a lot easier.

Seth Godin says something on long of terms, “A product for everyone is a product for no one.”

If you compare yourself or personality as a product, which admittedly is a bit weird, realize that your best bet is to be the first product for your niche market. Don’t try to branch out into markets that you simply don’t fit, be you. Be the best you and the right people will take notice.



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