The Power of Systems

An incredibly powerful tool to aid you on your journey of progress; getting in a routine, running a new program, or following a system.

You really start to appreciate incremental progress when you start measuring your progress through theses systems.

You can create a system for almost everything you wish to get better at.

By creating daily assignments you push yourself closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

Many of us are on the path alone, and it becomes difficult to stay accountable. Systems force accountability.

While you are following your system there is one question you can continuously ask yourself, as a form of checking in,…

“Are you closer to your goal today than you were yesterday?”

If the answer is yes, then keep on keeping on.

If not, then your system may need restructuring.

*a bit of a ramble here, not revising. just wanted to get something down during finals week. mehh.*


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