10 IAD Making Friends

Here are ten ways to be a better friend or become better at making friends. This is way easier for some than others, I’m absolutely not trying to say I’m an expert at all, just discussing things I noticed that helped me personally become a better friend or meet new friends myself.

In attempt to aid those who may find themselves in need of some more friends.

*Good friends are the ones you can’t wait to share ideas and experiences with. The ones who push you to be a better you.*

  1. Be low maintenance. Don’t be the guy who says, “Where was my invite” or any other variation of that. It’s annoying and a sure way to remind that person to not invite you next time. Most of the time you know if you are able to join in on plans or not, you do not need to have a personal invitation most of the time.
  2. Be fast to smile.
  3. Be first. Be willing to engage first. You can’t make friends if you can’t say hi.
  4. Become interesting by being interested. Show interest in the person, ask questions. Obviously be genuine, if you’re not then what are you doing?
  5. Be interesting. Have things worth sharing. Ideas to talk about. Interests to share.
  6. Do cool things. The guy who goes rock climbing weekly and sky diving monthly has cooler experiences to talk about than the guy who just talks about it.
  7. Pursue your goals. People tend to group with people on the same path, if someone notices you are grinding along, they will reach out to share ideas because they too are on the same path running into the same issues hoping for the same successes etc.
  8. Be selfless. It’s not all about you all the time. Let them make the plans, pick the spot etc.
  9. Bring something to the table. Conversely to #8 have an idea of what to do when you guys get together. Nothing worse is when someone asks to hangout and has nothing to do.
  10. Don’t go out looking for friends. Start with good conversation, the rest follows.

Hmm. This one felt weird, felt like I was typing a how to on dating but it was for friends lol. I’m sure some of it is transferable. Again, not saying I’m some dude out looking to make the most friends in the world, just some sort of plan of action for people who may need some help.


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