Perspective Problem Solving

Stuck? Have a problem? Just can’t figure it out?

Try looking at your issue from a completely different angle because sometimes the answer is right in front of you but you just cannot see it.

Sometimes all it takes is for you to take a step back and look at your problem from a new perspective.

Looking at things in a different way forces us to to think differently. Process new information and interpret new solutions.

When your starting point switches from A to B, the path that you originally created may take a turn left or right, resulting in a different path all together.

If you are stuck while writing a paper maybe start at the end rather than the beginning. If you are stuck in your weight loss journey maybe look at food as meals rather than calories or vice versa. If you are stuck in side control while grappling maybe pushing at the hip rather than the neck will create an opening.

Maybe you hit another roadblock but that’s okay, because you just found another way not to go. Eventually you will find the path that takes you directly to your destination.

Or, maybe you’ll realize your problem isn’t that much of a problem at all.



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