Habits Worth Keeping

I attempt to create new habits all the time. I put them into practice and see what sticks. If you can force yourself to do this for say 30 days, it usually sticks. If you can’t and it just doesn’t feel worth it, no biggy! Move on and start more.

Habits I tried and failed.

  1. Doodling/Drawing. I can’t draw. But I think it’s super interesting. I tried drawing for just 15 minutes non stop every day. I did it for 4 days and quit. Just not the right time.
  2. Meditating in the morning. I have yet to be able to do this. I write it down all time, tell myself to do it, and yet I don’t.
  3. Daily sauna. Saunaing… It seems to have incredibly powerful benefits. But I fail to do it regularly.
  4. Taking daily photos. I can’t seem to get in the habit. I bought a new camera and all. Just… Idk. Gotta carry it around maybe?
  5. Post social media daily. I can’t seem to find something worthy everyday. Maybe I need to lower my standards? Maybe I need to try harder? Why did I want to do this? To expand my blog, my podcast, my business. But its conflicting to my inner-gunnar saying “who cares”. Who cares in the capacity of just be you and let it roll accordingly. Idk.

New habits I stick to (for the most part)

  1. Read for 30 minutes. I put my timer on for 30 minutes, and do not stop reading until it goes off. Easy!
  2. Blog every day. Lower your standards and just get after it.
  3. Warm up before workout. I put on my timer for 5-10 minutes and literally just move. I roll around, run around, dance, jump, etc. It’s weird. I call it spirited warm up. I love it.
  4. Podcasts over music. I still listen to music a lot! But when I’m on long drives which is often, pop on a podcast and put on ones that you know will bring new perspective not the same go to podcast.
  5. Putting phone away at night time. So hard! I have been putting my phone on the charger once I’m home and not carrying it around the house. It’s literally challenging for me, but feels freeing.

Those are some habits I attempted to form, and some that I recently stuck to.

Routines create habits, habits create your lifestyle, your lifestyle creates you!

Make some habits worth keeping.


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