New Cool Things 12/4/18

Here are some of the latest things I’ve watched, read, researched etc; that I thought were particularly interesting, valuable, and cool.

How’s that for a sentence?

I’m not going to detail much, I posted them because they are worth deep diving yourself!

Best tasting protein bar with high fat low carb.

Coolest book I’ve read recently. Short read. Easy and VERY rewardable.

Newest coolest podcast. Cool host. Cool guest. Interesting and different topic.

Coolest video. Watch this.

Coolest movie I’ve seen lately. England, magic, and animals… what’s cooler?

Coolest series I’ve watched lately. This was a dope show.

Also watermelon and strawberry Perrier….. so good. For someone who is addicted to diet coke, these are great remedies.


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