10 IAD Negative Aspects of Attire

Here are 10 things I notice throughout the day that bug me or are uncomfortable as far as clothing/things on my person. I do not have a remedy for them, just sort of complaining/taking note. Taking note of issues or complaints allows you to come up with solutions in the future.

  1. Keys in my pocket. I don’t want to rock a man purse, but I hate sitting down with my keys on my pocket. It is just not comfortable.
  2. Bulging pockets. They don’t look cool. I rock my wallet in the front left but I also wear skinny jeans so they pop out of my pocket. I hate how it looks and it’s not really comfortable. Maybe fanny packs aren’t that lame.
  3. Heavy shoes. Most shoes that I find cool seem to always be heavy. Heavy shoes drive me crazy, I want to enjoy the look of my shoes or boots but also be able to run need be for whatever reason.
  4. Rolling jeans evenly. This is going to be a unique problem for myself. I have one leg 1.5 inches shorter than the other. This causes the rolls on my jean to turn out uneven. Most likely only seen to myself, but enough to bug me.
  5. Brief lines through skinny pants. Here is another problem unique to those who wear skinny pants. I rock skinny pants, I think they look way cooler. But sometimes they are so tight your brief/boxer line pops through them, showing the lines. Not a cool look at all.
  6. Deodorant Stains. I almost always have deodorant stains on my shirt no matter how careful I am. I noticed two things though. When you rub your shirt with your shirt it self, it slowly starts to come off. Also, it is usually not the deodorant stick that gets your shirt, it is your other hand holding the cap.
  7. Slipping socks. Long socks are a cool way to add some pop to your clothes by mixing colors and having fun. Long socks always always fall down. Constantly pulling up your sucks is not fun.
  8. Tucked shirts. When dressing up and tucking in your shirt your shirt seems to always magically slip out when you take a seat or stand. It simply doesn’t wish to stay evenly tucked. They have the tool that ties to your sucks to keep it tucked but I have yet to try that nor feel like adding equipment.
  9. Bookbag organization. Whenever I reach for something in my bookbag I just can’t seem to find it. I forget where I put it, which pocket, or it gets stuck under something else.
  10. Watches. I think watches are so cool. Like super cool. But the really cool ones are uber expensive and also when typing on a laptop they always clack around and are a nuisance.

Wow I really feel like a complainer after this one. Trust me, it’s not that serious. Just stirring up some remedies.


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