Rep Precedes Role

Reinventing yourself is a great tool.

It allows you to re-motivate yourself, get excited again, forget the past, and focus on the future.

But hurry.


Because reputation does precede ourselves, and not always for the better.

If you are currently in a role that does not allow you to be the best you, then move on and move on quickly.

Just because you switch your role it does not refresh your reputation.

Tommy who sells cars is the same Tommy who sold insurance a month ago, to the eyes of your customers.

This was a realization for myself when I was operating as an insurance broker. I was not excited about the work. I did not treat customers well, I wasn’t getting back to them, I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t being the man I wanted to be. It was affecting my reputation. I switch the role and got re-excited before it further damaged my reputation.




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