10 IAD Better Bookbags

Here are 10 ways to make bookbags better/cooler:

  1. Higher priority on the laptop sleeve. Bookbags are the present day briefcase, and the laptop is our highest priority. They need to be better secured, easier to take in and out, and padded heavier.
  2. Drawstrings > zippers. They look cooler and seem less incline to break, ultimately being more secure.
  3. Padded bottoms. This would allow them to stay upright.
  4. Flat supported face on the front. This would allow commuters to put their bags on their lap and use it as a table.
  5. Key and wallet access. Girls have purses. Guys don’t. So we carry a lot in our pockets. In a bookbag, we would need quick access to our keys and wallet but also security. A pocket reachable from back thats also secured by a drawstring would be awesome.
  6. Swappable straps. If we want to rock one with funky colors we can strap on the funky colors, if we want a more business casual look, put on the leather handles. etc.
  7. Place to put your phone and an external charger with USB port.
  8. Controls on the strap to change song.
  9. Single strap option. Sometimes its easy to wear your bag cross body, multi function would be great.
  10. Durable. All book bags I’ve owned ripped very easily.

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