The Four Rules For Life

Here are my four rules for life.

  1. Now is better than later.
    1. This will limit the time spent thinking rather than acting.
    2. There is never a perfect time.
    3. There is someone out there with less experience doing what you want to do.
    4. Be present in all circumstances.
  2. “Do” most of the time.
    1. It’s okay if you aren’t crushing it every single day… but you better be most of the time. This applies to eating well, working out, working towards your goals, and ultimately being the person you wish to be.
  3. It’s not that serious.
    1. Be cool, be confident, be calm.
    2. When you screw up, it’s okay because it’s not that serious. It probably won’t matter tomorrow and it most likely won’t matter next week and it almost absolutely won’t matter next year.
  4. Check yourself.
    1. Are you spending your time on earth the way you want your ultimate self to do so?
    2. Are you being the person you wish you were as a best friend, son, student, business partner, husband etc.
    3. Are you improving?

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