Power of “Putting Yourself Out there”

The initial feeling of “putting yourself out there” is full of emotion.

It’s an elaborate mixture of excitement, scared, anxiety, happiness, and embarrassment. (side note- I know I messed up the tenses there sorry.  side side note- I put the word elixir but replaced with mixture because it felt forced.)

Putting yourself out there comes in many capacities…

Entering that competition. Asking that girl out. Starting that business. Posting that post. Taking that picture. Doing that thing. Writing that book. Painting that picture. Taking that class. Taking that trip. Asking that question. Saying that thing.

Sometimes it works! Sometimes it doesn’t! Sometimes you really shouldn’t have “put that out there”.

But you never know until you try!

Be more willing to surprise yourself.

I cannot imagine a worse feeling than growing old, looking back, and thinking… “Wow I wish I did more.”



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