It’s Already Been Done

You have an idea and almost immediately you hear, “it’s already been done”.

Either from yourself or the person you excitedly told.

Suddenly all that excitement is crushed.

We begin to think everything worth doing has already been done….

But it hasn’t.

There is always room for growth. Improvements can be just as remarkable as an original idea.

And original ideas are also still coming to fruition.

As soon as the California Straw ban hit the news people got working. It felt like the very next week I saw a new start up on Shark Tank show off their new product of a collapsible reusable straw. You know someone purchased all the domain variations with the word straw involved to take advantage.

Maybe it’s harder now with more competition. Maybe it’s easier with the accessibility of communication and technology. I really do not know, but I know there is still much more to come.


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