1 Year of Journaling

Today marks one year of journaling.

(I’m just gonna ramble about it)

I have a word doc that I simple write down the highlights of my day, everyday.

I write how I feel physically and emotionally, I write what I did that day, what I ate, and who I spent time with, and whatever else may come to mind may it be what is currently bothering me or what I want to do tomorrow etc.

I started this on 10/30/2017 and I do not believe I will ever stop. (There was a couple weeks when I started school that I fell off, but I summarized it to the best of my ability).

I miss a day or two, and I’ll recap. I do not get hung up over that.

You do not realize how drastic your life changes until what you see what your daily routine was six months ago. It’s a form of accountability, you can see first hand wow I haven’t brought much good change into my life lately maybe I need to switch it up. Or I was really happy when I did X. Maybe I need to do more of X. Or I loved my time with So and So last month, why haven’t I talked to them since?

I notice I analyze all information on a deeper level know. I am more present. I enjoy the day to day. I embrace it. This is from a combo of writing and journaling. But I think journaling brings out a part different than the public writing. It’s a bit more personal.

It’s powerful.

Give it a shot.




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