Certainly Uncertain

Certainty is great.

It’s reliable. Easy going. Comfortable. Transparent.

Certainty is boring.

It’s expected. Limits the fun of the unknown. Reduces thrills.

We desire stability until it becomes boring.

We make a change then become stressed from the uncertainty we created.

It’s a cycle.

A continuous cycle with options to change direction at any time.

The option comes to us in that new job position that is now taking applications. Your current job is “fine”; it pays the bills and you enjoy your coworkers. But is it enough?

The option comes to us in the new girl who keeps making eye contact with you across the room. Your current relationship is “fine”; it’s comfortable and dependable. But is it enough?

You accept the new job and the company goes bankrupt the following month.

You meet the new girl and end up falling in love.

You never really know what will turn out better, the expected or the unexpected.





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