Cafe With Grass

I want there to be a coffee shop with grass.

Maybe a cool synthetic grass, but it can’t be a rough turf.

It has to feel real.

You walk in, take your shoes off, and enjoy the breakfast picnic before you start your day.

The menus on a chalkboard.  It’s not pretentious and awkward to order.

You do not need to know the lingo.

You love the food but also just want to stop by and grab a coffee as an excuse to just walk in.

Maybe all of the furniture are bean bags. Or lawn chairs.

There’s hip distressed wood all over the walls.

It’s just the right amount of edgy and comfortable.

I’d probably take dates there on Sundays.

I’d think of a cool name that reminds you of something you would see in San Fran. Or maybe its just called The Backyard.




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