Okay going down a weird rabbit hole, bear with me. (side note- I have to google to verify its bear not bare everytime I write that)

Opinions vary on how it all started.


The fact that there is 4200 religions proves that.

It’s both fun and scary to think about.

People like Neil DeGrasse Tyson are far more qualified than I to discuss. His thoughts, “Something must have started it all, a greater force (God). Or a multiverse, that just continuously births universes. Or maybe it simply popped into existence from nothing. Or maybe even just a computer simulation created by a superior being. ”

Even Elon Musk considers the computer simulation idea.

I’m not convinced.

I want the greater force. The multiverse one freaks me out. Coming from nothing…. I feel indifferent about that. But the simulation… that scares me.

Recent advancement in virtual reality really scares me. My friend bought an oculus rift (look it up it’s awesome) and it scared me because of how awesome it was. And they will only get better and better.

What if VR becomes cooler than real life? It’s a real possibility.

Then what? Then we really are living in a simulation.

But maybe the right dose, the right amount, would be healthy. There has to be a fine balance or mix.

In ways, we already live in mini simulations in our day to day thoughts. (This is where I’ll probably lose ya, i understand)

These self created simulations are always living in our heads.

When we daydream. We are not present when we daydream. We are thinking about what we are gonna do once we get home, that movie from last night, the cute girl across the room…. everything. I daydream a lot. It’s a self created simulation. It’s better than whatever we are currently doing when we are present in real life, so sometimes we do it more than usual.

When we create theoretical expectations. An example of this is when you are crushing hard. You are super into that one person. You envision your theoretical relationship and it’s awesome. It’s perfect. But it isn’t real. They don’t know about it. They might not even be able to be that person you want them to be. You love an idea not an actuality.

Usually, these self created simulations are good. They are healthy. They improve our mood. They make us smile. They make us happy.

But sometimes we think about that one “big” mistake we made 7 years ago, that for whatever reason we will beat ourselves up over and over about at least once a week. Or we obsess over the loss of a fake expectation.

This isn’t healthy. This doesn’t make us happy.

But like almost everything, there is good and bad.

Simulations are scary but in the right dose, could be powerfully helpful.

I’m both scared and excited for the future.



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