Being Present

Its far too easy to focus so much attention towards the future, that in the mean time, we don’t truly enjoy the present for what it is.

How often do we catch ourselves saying, “Oh, I cant wait for the weekend because of X” or “I cannot wait till I graduate so Y” or any other million variation.

Personally, I noticed my mind forward thinking far too much ever since I started school. I wake up and can only think about getting my coffee in the morning. I drive for an hour in a half and can only think about arriving to my destination rather than enjoying the time to myself and the podcast I am listening to. Once I get into my first class I cannot wait till it is over so I can run to grab lunch. Once lunch is over I cannot wait to get settled for my next class and already start focusing on how I’m going to end my day before its even 1pm. Once I am in class I cannot wait to get work done but only because I  know I get to get a workout in. I cannot wait to be done my homework so I can go to bed with a peace of mind. I cannot wait to start the next day to restart the process.

Its a viscous cycle when you do not allow yourself to enjoy the ride.

Setting plans for the weekend is great, it allows you to look forward to something.

Having long term goals is great, it helps give you drive.

But don’t allow yourself to rush through every day. Your shit is broke if you only live for the future.

Be Present.

“If you are present in everything you do it’s a present.”



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