Power Of Semi-Private

There is a powerful place located in between the private and public space.

It’s exclusive.

An area that only people “in the know” are privy to.

Value is created in this space.

People want to belong to this space.

Be a part of the club that only certain individuals have access to.

Classic example is new hot restaurant in the city. We hear,  “Oh it’s impossible to get reservations there”.  And in that moment, we immediately want to go. Why is it so hard to get in? What do they serve? What makes it so different?

Usually not much. The value is in the exclusivity.

That’s what we pay for. And beg to pay for. No matter the price.

But it does not always work. Amazon would not be Amazon if it was exclusive.

Imagine adding the value of exclusivity to your next project, would it be exponential or a flop?





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