Highway Meditation

It exists. Especially at night, there is something powerful about driving at night time. Music becomes more impactful. Thoughts become deeper. You reflect in a different light because you are by yourself for an extended period of time.

Side Note – Since my new daily routine includes 1.5 hours of driving one way, distance becomes more and more irrelevant. Going out to dinner 45 minutes way? Lets do it. You live an hour away? No problem 20 minutes away? That’s nothing. Patience grows when you become a commuter. If you let it that is.

Side side note – Whoever invents the next best thing for commuters is going to be huge. Podcasts are great, but you can do it anywhere. Music is great, its been around forever but I am not always feeling music. Audiobooks are cool but if you’re anything like me its really hard to pay attention and focus. Whatever comes next, the next option, will be huge, but other than an audio variation what could it be?


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