Morning Mantras

Morning Mantras

It’s Not That Serious

It’s just a blip.

Slow Down

Don’t rush. Life’s short. Think it out. React accordingly.

Be Present

Enjoy the process. Don’t rush the day. Enjoy the moment.

Be Confident

In all aspects of life. Be active in the world.

Be Consistent

Incremental progress. Crush the day, crush the year.

Be Kind

To everyone and especially yourself.

Be The Man You Want To Be

You are the protagonist, author, and consumer of your own story.

Be Low Maintenance

Be easy to deal with in all aspects of life.

Be Open To Change

Routines are great but try something new.

Be Cool, Stay Cool

Be cool in all aspects especially your reactions.


At strangers. At yourself.  At everyone.

Practice Gratitude

Able bodied. Able mind. Family and French Fries.

You Are What You Consume

Eat bad, look bad. Good music, good vibes. Good book/podcast, Good mind/thoughts.

Make It Happen

Needs to be done? Want to do? Make it happen.


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