Micro-Tasking Over Multi-Tasking

Depending on your desired outcome multi-asking might not be the answer for optimal productivity.

In simplest terms, trying to complete multiple projects simultaneously results in many half-finished and half- assed projects.

Rather than multi-tasking try micro-tasking.

Breaking down large projects in simpler terms, focusing on that smaller task and moving on from there.

Most recently, studying for school it was easy to get overwhelmed with multiple assignments from different classes. I would brief half a case here, write half a paper there, and read half an assignment. I’d only get half the work done I needed and it would take the whole night.

Now I break down each class into micro tasks. By breaking assignments into smaller portions, say one class requires 6 briefs and another class requires 10 pages. Task your self 3 briefs then 5 pages. Then repeat and finish. This allows you to keep your sanity by switching subjects without wasting time trying to a bit here and there all while getting little dopamine rewards of completion.

Besides school assignments, what else can you micro task?

Multitasking isn’t real. Try micro tasking.


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