Avoid Direct Comparables

The people you want to impress the most are always the ones you fail to meet wished perceived expectations. ( I can’t figure out a better way to word this so here is the breakdown. You meet someone you think is really cool. You want them to think you are really cool too. But you walk away from the interaction thinking to yourself, “wow I wish I just did this cooler or said this cooler.”)

This rarely occurs.

This is because you are setting these expectations personally. Set by yourself and directly comparing yourself to that person’s strengths.

Your strengths typically do not directly correlate with those we want to impress.

In nature we are always intrigued by people who are different than us. We like seeing people with strengths we do no not have but wish we had.

So next time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, realize you have to measure your worth on the right scale with the right measurements.

(I’m tired. This didn’t flow well. Onward.)




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