Things That Keep You Up At Night

Pursue the things that keep you up at night.

There has been multiple times in my life that I could not sleep due to sheer excitement.

Your mind is just going a million miles an hour. The last thing your mind wants to do is shut down. No way.

I recall the earliest of these occurrences being in High School. Getting my first car and first relationship. Both equally huge events to me at the time. My first car…. how exciting!? I pictured myself driving to school with all my friends listening to our favorite music. Going wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. A girlfriend… my mind went crazy, crazy but within a narrow scope. I thought about sex, sex and more sex.

After high school,  my interests finally grew beyond cars and girls.

I began pursuing hobbies. Becoming a power lifter was my newest goal. I trained for about a year before I entered my first competition. I wanted the 148 pound dead lift record more than anything in the world. The night before the competition I did not get one moment of shut eye. I envisioned myself hitting the lift over and over and over again. Its all that mattered.

The next occurrence wasn’t until I opened up a business. My very own business. Insurance (at the time seemed much cooler than it is to me now. I thought to myself “wow when i talk to people I will be able to say I own an insurance company”. It wasn’t that cool. But at the time…. i could not wait to get licensed, get incorporated and get going. I don’t think I slept properly for a week. No exaggeration.

The next was an idea. It’s funny how huge and significant ideas become when they develop in your head when you are alone in your own thoughts, while being just the right amount of tired. I thought of a charity idea. I developed the entire mission statement and statement of recruitment in my head. I typed the entire thing in my phone notes and could not wait to go public. After about three months, the idea faded. It wasn’t the right time. But at that moment… it was huge.

The next time was giving up the insurance company and opening up a mortgage company. I hated selling insurance. Hated it. I liked the idea of the business just not actually doing it. Once I thought of my next plan, a mortgage company, that’s all I could think of. I did not sleep a moment the night I figured out how to actually put it in motion. I was so excited. I still am. I love it. But at the moment it was so freeing because not only was I dropping what I hated , I had a new idea that actually was going to work. I was ecstatic.

The next moment, and most recent, was when I decided to go to law school. There was probably three or so particular moments, but once I realized to myself ” wow i can actually do this…”, it became so real. Once it became real I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Those are the moments I can recall off of the top of my head as of right now, I hope there was more moments like this, and I can only hope to have many many more in the future.

Chase things that keep you up at night.





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