Trying Things Out

Kate Spade was tired of her job and her husband said “you like handbags, why not that?”

She made 6 designs, made them out of burlap, just tucked away in a corner of a trade show and just went for it.

She just tried it out. And it happened.

For every great idea you’ll have one hundred dumb ones.

One will stick eventually.

I’m speaking from observation not personal experience… but the Kate Spade example is just one of many.

Air BNB, Lululemon, Jet, larabar, home depot, 1 800 got junk,  Clif Bar the list goes on.

( I conveniently can list them off because the creators were all interviewed on the podcast “How I Built This” which is an awesome awesome awesome podcast. Its so cool to hear how ordinary people build extraordinary things but just trying )

That’s why people like James Altucher create habits like 10 ideas a day. Keep making ideas and trying. Something will happen.

Most recent dumb idea of mine… Crazy pool floats. Kegs, Dragons, Marijuana/joints, clouds, Elephants etc. Things people want to take pictures of and post on Instagram.

You may be thinking oh I’ve seen unicorns, that already exists. Unicorns and rainbow floats exist but not a pool float that resembles a Bentley. Ideas can be built upon, so don’t be afraid to “copy”.

Try it out.


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