Create Your Ideal Self

“They key to a great life is to have a bunch of great days. So you can think about it one day at a time.” Kevin Kelly

Your ideal self. What does it look like? What does he or she do every day? What does their day-to-day entail?

Think its too hard to become that person?

Think again.

Reverse engineer your theoretical self’s life.

How did that person get to that position? What do they do everyday. What are their habits? Figure out their day to day habits and incorporate them into your life. Now.

Your daily habits become your daily life.

Over the course of years, with daily compounded interest, you will become that person.

My ideal self is a polymath. A person whose expertise spans a significant number of various subjects. Its almost simply a fancy word for jack of all trades, but without the negative “master of none”. Because a polymath is an expert in his particular skill set. An example of a great polymath would be Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a master artist, sculptor, inventor and anatomist.

My theoretical-polymath-self, (for now) is a serial entrepreneur, brazilian jiu jitsu expert, writer, and photographer. What does that theoretical person do day to day? I guarantee he reads more than I do now. I’m sure he already owns more businesses than I do. I’m sure he trains harder and more frequently than I do now. He absolutely writes more often as well. He takes photos rather than thinks about doing so. Hes a do-er.

I want to become someone I would love to meet. So everyday I’ll do whatever it takes to slowly and surely become him. Creating daily habits will create my ideal self.









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