My 2018 Assignments

New Year, New Me ammi right?

I wrote down my goals for 2017 around this time last year. I laughed when I re-read them. Most of them were geared towards a career I no longer wish to pursue and the remainder were financial or physically related. Boring.

As we change our goals change with us, so rather than setting goals this year I’m going to have assignments.

I find that I operate best when I make myself “assignments”. I tend to push things off unless I know I MUST complete it, and you must complete assignments.

This years assignments are in the form of daily practices, routines and overall psychology. If I complete my assignments I know I will look back on my year with no regret. Any day that I practice my guidelines and complete my assignments is considered a good day. A great year is simply a span of many good days.

Here are my assignments for 2018.

General Guidelines:

Accept not being in control.
Care less about opinion, Not everyone is going to like you.
Your the average of the 5 people you associate with the most, do so wisely.
Rate every invite 1-10 but you can’t use 7, decline every 6 and below.
Think for yourself while being radically open-minded.
Don’t spread negativity in any form: talking ill of people, complaining, jealousy, hating etc.
Make new friends. Maintain old friends. Be a low maintenance friend.
Practice gratitude everyday.
Ideas are easy, Executing them isn’t. Do it.
Help others in any and every way you can (be selfless).
There is no plan.
Don’t get foolishly drunk.
Thank, help, and spend time with your parents.
Cheerfulness in all situations, especially the bad ones.
Try new things.
Think before you speak. Words can be permanent and damaging. (Loose lips sink ships)
Forgive yourself and others quicker.
Avoid compulsively making things worse.
Listen to new music.
Take in more informational media than fun. 3 to 1 ratio or so. Meaning podcasts, TV, books etc.
Make good habits.
Love yourself.
It’s not that serious.

Daily Assignments:

At the latest, wake up at 8 am everyday. Working for myself allows me to be lazy, because most of my work/business isn’t done until later in the day. Its easy to get lazy and sleep in. Don’t fall into that bad habit.

Read 45 minutes every day. Set a timer on my phone and don’t put down the book until the timer goes off.

Walk 10 minutes. Around the block, around the office, on the treadmill. Doesn’t matter. Walk an extra 10 minutes every day.

Reflect. Write down the summary of your day. Read the Daily Stoic and Journal.

10 Ideas a day. Anything: 10 book ideas, 10 workout ideas, 10 new car inventions, 10 new apps. Anything just write them down.

Weekly Assignments:

Maintain your training. Lift 3 times a week. BJJ classes twice a week. Yoga twice a week. Don’t neglect any of the three or over do any of the 3.

Blog twice a week. Something with value no junk.

Visit family.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Call not text.

Watch a movie.

Monthly Assignments:

Do something for the first time. Learn something. Take a class. Try a new hobby.

A physical challenge in any form. a powerlifting meet, a spartan race, random crosssfit workout, a BJJ tournament, a 5k. Anything.

See a show. It can be a play, concert, comedy show etc.

Go somewhere you never been, even locally.

Yearly Assignments:

Travel to at least two new places (out of state).

Have big goals.

Complete your assignments and WIN the year.

Stay accountable.

Get after it.




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