Be Your Own Hero

To begin, don’t get me wrong…Heroes are great. I personally have many.

(Iron Man is my favorite)

Most people we idolize have characteristics we do not possess but crave. They have the looks, attributes, personality and lifestyle we want. So we strive to be like them. Compare ourselves every step of the way.

Its great to have mentors. We can find our passion from admiring people we look up to.


We gotta be careful.

Half our heroes are fictitious characters. They aren’t even real. The others are famous celebrities that we only see the side that they want us to see. We don’t know everything about them especially their less desirable traits.

Comparing ourselves to our heroes can be even further damaging. We might adopt their thoughts and in return limit our own development. Keep yourself in check so you don’t end up limiting your own free thinking.

Elon Musk is awesome. Hes as cool as they come. But only Elon can be an awesome Elon. Be yourself because only you can become the best version of yourself. Be as awesome as YOU can be.

So before you decide to strive to be exactly like someone think again because even our heroes aren’t who the seem to be, they are the ideologies we create. Create your own hero.





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