Passion Magnet

“Follow your passion”

Heard it a million times, in a million different ways, from a million different people.

In Middle School I thought I had years to figure it out.

High School, well as long I go to a good college… I’ll find it during my pre-reqs.

College, we willingly take on crippling debt pursuing our “passion”.

I’m 25. I’m over one year post grad. I have a BBA in Finance (that took 5 years) and no true passion.

Some people know from day one what they want to do. Some people follow the family passion, Dads a police officer and the son wants the same. Awesome. Maybe you got in a tragic car accident, recovered, and now know ever since you want to be a doctor. Maybe you always wanted to be teacher because your 2nd grade teacher Mr. Patrick. Maybe you saw a problem, and created a better way of doing something in the form of an invention. So awesome. I’ve seen many variations of this and ENVY it.

Maybe I’ll find it.


I’ll be focusing on my sorroundings.

Spending time with awesome people in awesome places.

People can change your life. A good conversation can go a LONG way. Having mentors you want to emulate. Talk to everyone. Make new friends. Listen to every podcast. Read every book. Watch every movie. Check every blog. Email local business owners. Go to a show. Ask every question. Engage. Spend more time with more people.

Environments can change your life. From the local cafe to historical buildings. Breathtaking landscapes. Intricate architecture. Walks through old towns. Hikes. Vacations. Museums. Clubs. Organizations. Classes. Gyms. Staying in the same locations will yield the same results. Experience new things and thoughts by going to new places.

Passionate people and places are infectious. You just need to put yourself near.

Make yourself a passion magnet.

At least, that’s what I plan on doing.





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