Your Vibe Creates Your Tribe

Looking for a group of like-minded individuals? Workout partner? Business partner? Life partner? Just a good group of friends?


The energy you give attracts the people that surround you.

So if you want to create a Justice League of your own, you must put off the super power energy to attract those members.

Batman isn’t going to partner up with you just because your a nice guy. You need to bring something to the table. Have some sort of power even if its just whatever Aquaman has.

If you want bad-ass friends do bad-ass things. Live your brand.

Don’t worry about finding friends they will find you once you’re in your element.

I’ll always use the gym as an example because I spend a lot of time there. I have made many friends from the gym. I have new gym friends, old gym friends and friends of gym friends.

I’ve learned better techniques and programs from them because I’m willing to be first and say Hi to strangers. At the same time I train a particular way that people notice and eventually confront me.

That approach can work with everything. Want to pick up a new hobby? Golf? Cool, go to a golf course everyday and practice. Into sewing? Join a sewing forum online and show off your work. Norwegian Lynx fur scarf making? Uhh, well you might be the only one….so yea sorry.

Like minded people are out there you just have to put off the right energy to attract them.

Your vibe creates your tribe.







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