Don’t Focus

Some people know from day one their passion. I’m not one of them. Most of us aren’t.

So were told to focus on one thing. For 4 years (well 5 for me), I focused on my finance degree. I read finance books, watched the finance movies, and studied finance. I’m on my second year post grad and have yet to work in any form of true finance. I was in a CFA prep course because I couldn’t land any of these “entry level” finance positions I was told about because of my lack of experience. Two months into the course I realized I had no passion to pursue it.

I was treating it as an instrumental reason. I assumed it would lead to something else, I thought after a few quick years of putting my time in I’d land in a better happier position. Maybe. But I didn’t truly enjoy any part of it. And the fact of the matter is that usually doesn’t work.

I think most of us would be better off not focusing. If your not truly into something you never get past the level of proficient. To be great you gotta love it. I’m looking for something to love. I wish the past 6 years I focused on being a professional dabbler. Taking classes in the wide ranging fields. I wish there was a college that had week long courses. Working in a veterinary hospital, a science lab, a manufacturing plant, a hedge-fund, a museum, a garden etc. Find the one you feel passionate about THEN focus.

That’s a college I’d suggest. That’s a college worth taking debt for.

I took a leather-working class last week. I went to hot yoga this week. I’m trying to teach myself code but I find it boring, looks way cooler on TV.

While I was in school I sorta thought I was better than other people when I said i was studying finance and they said they were studying marketing. Jokes on me I now think marketing is a thousand times cooler.




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