I took a hot yoga class tonight.

I could write about that in itself but my biggest take away of the class is awareness.

The instructor stressed it a dozen times.

From what I gathered, she was stressing awareness and for mediation and stretching. Being aware of the thoughts you may have, acknowledging them, and letting them go. Feeling the muscles in each stretch, making sure your truly in the correct position.

But there is more to awareness than just that.

Be aware: Your impact, your environment, and yourself.

Impact. You may not realize how many people you affect(effect? idk). More than just your parents, you may have people that really care about you. Care about your input. Your thoughts. Your attention. The guy at the gym might really enjoy when you ask him how he is doing. The cashier at Starbucks might really enjoy your smile. A great author can impact millions. Realize your impact, from small things like smiling to mentoring a young life. Be aware.

Environment. At times I forget to realize my environment. My awareness is off. For instance, don’t be the guy on your cellphone in a movie theater. Your quick phone check is a huge inconvenience to everyone behind you. Also, if your having dinner with someone don’t pull out your phone. Don’t walk in the middle of a sidewalk or hallway. Don’t talk loud on your phone in a public area. Or how about when your talking with someone? Pick up on personalities, don’t be crude to a conservative. Pay respect to an authority.  Be aware.

Yourself. Are you the person you want to perceived as? Do you think your a “good” person? DO you do “good” things? Volunteer, open doors, tip, smile, help your parents, compliment etc. Are you a personal trainer and have slowly been getting lazy and putting on weight? Do you work in sales and are rude to other sales people? Are you judging people for something you do yourself? Constantly check up on yourself. Be ware.





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