8 Simple Routines to Better Your Day

I try to do all 8 of these things everyday. I don’t always, but I aim for it. If I hit 3 or 4 I feel good about myself.

I space them out so I look forward to them throughout the day.

For me, the benefits are huge. Both, mentally and physically. But mostly mentally. Here’s why. Ever feel like you went through the entire day without accomplishing anything? This changes that. It helps me feel productive even if in actuality my work day was slow.

Wish Someone Happy Birthday

Part of my morning routine is to check Facebook and check the Birthdays. I wish every single person happy birthday regardless if I know them well or not. And if I happen to have their number, I’ll text them instead or at the least direct message. Its more personal. I don’t care what anyone says, it feels good being wished happy birthday. I personally remember each person that goes out of their way to wish me happy birthday, especially if they text me. That extra little effort really shows. At least I think so.

Phone Conversation

Call a friend. Have an actual conversation. Not just text but a phone call. You’d be surprised whats on your mind as the conversation flows. Maybe something has been concerning you and you just want to vent. Maybe vice versa. Good conversations can change your mood completely. A good friend can re inspire you from a few words. Sometimes you need to hear something from someone else before it really sticks. Great ideas are born from great conversation.

10 Minute Walk

Take a lap around the block. Start your workout with a ten minute walk on the treadmill. End your workout with a ten minute walk. Walk around your office building. Why? It will break up the daily monotony. If your feeling sluggish at work, I’t will wake up your brain. Its a recharge. I usually try to time it right after I read my Daily Stoic. Its a time for mindfulness and reflection. Plus, It also burns roughly 50 calories. That’s an extra 7 Oreo’s a week (says google).


Besides for the obvious physical benefits, you should exercise. Not a gym rat? Okay then swim, hike, run, yoga or join karate. Anything. Measure your progress. Progress makes you proud. Builds your confidence. Nearly every podcast with any significant person stresses the importance of exercise. Find your form and get after it. I like lifting since progress can be measure in weights so easily. Running is similar but hard for me to commit to it. BJJ is great because of how in depth the rabbit hole is, as you get more experienced you realize how little you know. Its a weird inverse relationship.

Reach out to an old friend

Its easy. Go to your old messages or texts. Find someone who you haven’t talked to in a while and just say hi. “Hi, just thought of you and hoped your doing well!”. Makes people smile. Makes me smile doing it. Maybe you’ll reconnect or maybe you’ll realize why you never stay connected. Doesn’t matter.

Say Hi to a stranger

Force eye contact and just say Hi. I’ve made many friends from doing this. Even at the gym where people just put on their headphones and focus on their workouts, I timed my entry and made new friends. Older people love talking. Sometimes they provide real gems. Just talk to people. Its practice. Practice for sales, being friendly, and just overall being a more approachable and likable person.


Any form of journaling. Start small so its not a chore. I do it in two forms. The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday, which includes a prompt of the day and space for you to write morning and evening. It’s easy because the topic is there and you just write whatever comes to mind. The second is in the evening. I write the highlights of the day and a simple reflection. The highlights don’t have to be huge. Lunch with a friend, seeing a movie, a good workout. Anything. Helps you practice gratitude and appreciate the little things.

10 Ideas A Day

Idea completely stolen from James Altucher. He talks about training your “idea muscle” by writing ten ideas a day everyday. I pick a topic and go from there. Business ideas, app ideas, books etc. After idea 6 your blank but the last few “reps” really get you working. You’ll become an idea machine. I have a hard time with this but I see the value.


Give it a try. Maybe it will bring some value to your day. It does for me.









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