Sunday Summary (12/17/17)

I’m a man of routine and enjoy having set schedules. So introducing my newest routine, the “Sunday Summary” (Name pending).

Essentially, its completely inspired by the Tim Ferris 5 Bullet Friday. But Gun version, on Sunday.

Anything I find interesting/Noteworthy throughout the week I will include here. For me, its a form of journaling different than I do now, that I can reflect on and see what I was into at that particular time.

  • Music
    • I grew up like many in my generation listening to rap music throughout my teenage years. I’m not completely over it but its getting less and less attractive. I’m realizing I’m no longer in the “hip” generation when rappers I never heard of have millions of followers, example “Lil Pump”.
      • I’ve been listening to Mike Posner. He has far more music than “I took a Pill in Ibiza” and that style is only one side of him. He has a less pop side of him that’s more acoustic and story telling. He also has a rap album which is a perfect mix of rap and pop, for me. I got into him after listening to him on the James Altucher podcast and realizing the depth of his personality.
      • Here’s a weird one. “Federico Aubele”. His album “5” and “Gran Hotel Buenos Aires” to be exact. Its like a mix of spanish folk electronic. What duhh, right? Apparently Tim Ferris is a fan of it while writing etc. I have been using it for the same and its perfect. Mellow enough to not be overbearing. Its Spanish so I have no idea what they are saying so it does’t distract me. Hype enough to keep me mentally stimulated.
      • Every movie, commercial or walkout song: I have been shazaming and adding to my rotation. I want to know the names of older songs I never paid any respects to. Recently: “In the air tonight , Phil Collins”, “For what its worth, buffalo Springfield”, “Long cool woman, the hollies” and “Lay lady lay, Bob Dylan”.
  • Workouts/Training
    • I’m back primarily strength training. I’ve purchased a program in the past that seems to work well for me. Simple put its various reps and intensities with the following. Squat four times a week, bench three times a week, and dead-lift twice. Frequency seems to work well for me.
    • I’m also experimenting with high frequency overhead press (Military press). I took the Smolov rep scheme with a low max, and have been hitting OHP 3-4 times a week. Its light so I’m relatively always fresh for the next time. I have a goal of hitting a bodyweight OHP, so giving this a try.  (Current weight 166, current OHP max 145)
    • Sauna. I don’t know the science of it or if its even effective for me but I’m experimenting. Dr. Rhonda Patrick goes in great detail about it in a study and swears by it. I sauna two-four times a week right now after workouts. Sometimes a 15 minute sauna then cold shower and repeat, only sometimes. I’m not sure of the science but every now and then I walk out feeling particularly great. Relaxed and happy.
    • I’m back to BJJ classes. Gi on Mondays and no-gi on Wednesdays. Open mat rolling on sundays. Its the less boring form of cardio for me and is addicting as can be. It’s human chess plus the added variable of strength and technique. I bought a new Gi to get me going to classes again.
    • I ran on a treadmill once or twice this week. Tried a 10mph mile and failed at .8, ill get there. I still try to walk for 10 minutes a day.
  • Podcasts
    • “The Moment with Brian Koppelman” has been my new favorite. Hes the writer of the show Billions, Rounders, Oceans 13 etc. He brought on Danny Meyer owner of Shake Shack and I truly loved that one. Finding new podcasts to dive deep into is so cool. Podcasts are great because they introduce new interests you never considered before. He brings on Chefs, screenwriters etc. It’s awesome.
    • James Altucher. Hes still my all time favorite. His most recent with Ray Dalio was particularly great.
  • Books
    • My friend bought me Tribe Of Mentors, Tim Ferris newest book. Its over 600 pages and I can’t seem to read more than 20 at a time. It’s basically life advice from various greats, in their respected field, broken down into short interview like questions. It’s great, but very similar to the podcasts.
  • Finance
    • I’m by no means a cryptocurrency expert, but I want to be apart of the fun. I bought some Ripple since apparently Coinbase will be adding it soon enough. Just a few hundred bucks to enjoy the ride.
    • Bought a bit of BTCS. Its essentially a blockchain technology stock. Trading at like 12 cents. Makes a fun gamble.
    • Sold some ACBFF. Made nearly 300%. Bought 100 shares at 1.90, sold at $5.50. Was my biggest % win. Made a few hundred bucks.
  • Random
    • I watched Kingsman 2. The reviews weren’t the best but I still loved it. It was over the top from the beginning but thats one element that I enjoy. Movies are meant to transcend reality anyway.
    • I took a leather-working class Saturday morning. The class had 3 students. A retired old lady, a older gentleman who was a writer, and myself. We learned to make “roses” with wet molding leather. Kinda cool. I’m super uncoordinated with scissors and tools.
    • Started a dream log. its just a note on my iphone. If i wake up from a dream ill quickly try to recap it. I only have been able to catch 2.
    • Watched my friend defend his MMA title this weekend in AC. Fighting is terrifying. I admire the hell out of their grit and determination. It’s incredible admirable. I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep the night before.

That’s what I remember from the week. See ya next sunday.






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