Becoming Your Ideal Self

“One day at a time, live the life the way the man you want to become would”

I recently read a quote that loosely translated to the above.  It probably was worded better too. Anyway, It really resonated with me.

We all have people or figures we look up to. Or envision an idea self we would love to be. ( and if not step 1, find some/do so)

We wonder to ourselves “wow I wonder what that person did to get where he/she is?’

Well, if we reverse engineer we can probably figure it out rather easily.

Then what?

Everyday, Live the life that person did. Incrementally (daily) becoming that person who wish you were.

It sounds too simple but its not.

Most of my personal idols are in their late 40’s if not older. It took them a long time to become who they are. We know these people for their successes but not their failures. Everyone fails. Failure = Success (Kevin Kelly saying).

Is your idol younger? 25 and crushing it? Well MOST likely, when he was 15 he was already on the path. Grinding everyday to become that person.

Start now. Everyday.





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